Randy Glasco - Board Member


Glasco is currently the Owner of the Table Top Cafe in Lennox, SD, Real-Estate Investor, and Entrepreneur. Glasco is from Omaha, NE and a close relative to Johnny Rodgers. He attended Benson High School until he was relocated to Sioux Falls, SD in 1994.


In early adulthood, Glasco found success in Event Planning for quite some time. He eventually moved on to find opportunity in opening an urban clothing store, which soon led him to becoming a wholesale distributor for several urban name-brands to other boutiques and took full advantage of the newly booming kiosk sales within the Midwest.


Glasco’s early success gave him the needed resources to begin his ventures into the world of property investments. In 2004 he purchased his first multi-family space. Soon after he aggressively purchased and managed commercial properties and hasn't looked back since. 


During the Obama Administration, Glasco took full advantage of America's "oil boom". He spent time in North Dakota supplying living quarters and consulting for the industry. Glasco played a lead role in diverting city water to the right areas in order to locate an ideal housing development for the City of Wilston, ND.


Having a favorable outcome in property investment, Glasco shifted interests towards the food service industry. He opened one of two barbecue establishments in Sioux Falls, SD, later selling his vested interest to a developer. He continued in the food service industry securing catering contracts and then opened another restaurant called the Table Top Cafe; an elite local diner in Lennox, SD.


In 2016 Randy became a part of Performance Solutions Worldwide; a parent company who appointed him as the Regional Sales Director of TriplePlay; innovators in the new world of digital solutions.


As an entrepreneur, Randy continues to reach for new endeavors as trends evolve.